Awaken your inner dominant

This is a time of shifting. From masculine energy dominating the world, into a feminine energy, hopefully followed by a good balance of both. It seems that my creative work as well as my dominatrix work naturally have these themes bubbling inside them, wether working with shape and colour, or power dynamics between man and women, and the switching of gender roles. I would strongly suggest, that it is time for the submissive ladies of the world to try on a different shoe for size, and grab that whip themselves. If not just to fulfil their own phantasy, or that of their partner, then in order to get a sense of what its like to stand in your power and make all the decisions in the moment, without flinching.

Thats the power of women, to stand in front of those they are facing, and understand them, and then from that understanding take action, or encourage those before them to take action. Thats how strong women have raised families, thats how the matriarchy worked inside the tribe, while the boys are being big and bossy outside of the home.

It is a powerful sensation to know that you are in charge. In feminine way.

The ability to look into someones eyes, and know what they need. The ability to ask, to confirm, but not in a self doubting way. The ability to trust oneself and yet be open to the other, that is the right balance of a dominatrix. Never making herself small, she strives for the expansion of both herself and her partner. She is not afraid of causing pain, because she understands there will be pleasure after. She understands thats the direction of growth. But she is not cruel, she does it with love. The pain comes because it is the right build up for the release, and it has a meaning of its own and a purpose of its own. Pain doesn’t have to feel bad, in fact it can feel wonderful, when inserted with a good dose of love and understanding.

Thats what life does to us, I guess. Pain is unavoidable, necessary for us to grow and be more elevated, more free. And mostly, pain makes pleasure so much more exciting.

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