The magic of feet

For the first couple of years at this job, the fetish I understood the least was feet. I thought it was about crawling on the floor, being a door mat, being the lowest slave that must lick dirt for the rest of his life. But with time I realise that some people just have an intense love for this strange body part. Such passion, that all they need is a pair on their face, and they are in heaven. It was hard for me to grasp, at first, that my job in this case was super easy, I just need to relax and let them give my feet pleasure, in the way they understand it. Since I am always active in sessions, it was hard for me to let go and allow them to please me. I thought- they pay me a lot of money, and I want to give them good value, a show and an intense experience, and I need to work hard to provide them with that. However a big part of what I give them is acceptance. Of course these foot fetishist don’t need an experienced dome with all her whipping skills etc in order to adore their feet. But in our society it is still a taboo to tell your date that you want nothing more than to put her entire foot in your mouth. Women still find that weird.

One of my costumers, a trans women called Monika, has taught me to enjoy foot worship once and for all. Her joy at slowly removing my shoes and socks, kissing and massaging my feet was so obvious, that I knew without a doubt what my job was- lay back and enjoy.

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