When a Session just flows

Sometimes a session just happens all by itself. I walk into the room and present myself, having prepared an idea or two of what activity I could do with my guest. But then, the harmony between us leads me to engage, and the engagement leads to more harmony which gives me new ideas which resonate and one thing leads to another, both of us lost in time until the hour is done.

Yesterday I had two of these sessions.

The first one was with one of my favourite guests, who visits me a few times a year. I love his sweet Chinese features and hair, and he is always respectful towards me but open hearted and honest.

The quality that make our sessions (usually) so fun and flowing, is his ability to let go and enjoy the moment. He likes what I do to him, and expresses it, by words or body language, moans and whispers ‘oh my god’, which encourages me to continue, knowing that what im doing is working well. I tied him on the bed and meant to move him later to the Andreas cross, but it was just too much fun to tease him, seduce him, scare him with a ball presser, step and sit on him, whisper in his ear…. That the hour was gone just like that.

When I feel appreciated and loved, I am confident and open. So I can give more of myself, and experiment more.

The second session that day was with Johanna Weber, who makes incredible, sensual, dirty and intense sessions. She knows to stir things up and create a perfect suspension curve, so that a man gets more and more lost inside their desire, and reaches his peak just in time.

First, she had an hour with our guest just the two of them, before I entered the room for another hour of a threesome. I knew it would be fun, especially reading her ideas of what we would do together. Its always fun to play with her because we talk and laugh, and have a similar understanding of the mans body language so that our ideas work well together.

Her suggestion was that I bring the electricity, the milk machine, and then do him with a dildo while she sits on him face. A dream scenario for many of the studio visitors….

Our guest was so happy to feel me and hear my voice when I walked in. His eyes were covered, and he was standing in the middle of the room in a body harness. Johanna, her beautiful breasts exposed between a corset and a flowery Bolero, playfully showed him off to me and explained how he was her new play-toy. He was in heaven between both of our bodies. I touched him slowly, while Johanna squeezed him from the back. He tasted my fingers, while listening to Johanna’s dirty talk about what we will do with him next. He will be tied up n bed and get fully used!

His joy was apparent throughout the entire hour, his body shaking from excitement , while he is looking both of us in the eyes, appreciating and complimenting our beauty and skills.

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