Hey there, I’m happy you stumbled across my blog.

My name is Kat Rix, I work as a pro-domme in Berlin, Germany

After 5 years of doing this work and discussing it freely with friends, new acquaintances and even family members, I realise how curious people are about this world.

There are so many themes and fascinating aspects of humanity that show themselves here, and so many myths that its about time we break. Inspiration strikes me almost every day to open my mind about sensuality, sexuality and fantasy, and engage with it in a creative way.

Since I have the incredible privilege to live in a country where sex work is legal, and be a part of a positive, women run Dominatrix Studio in Berlin, I feel the urge to tell a different story, a true story about the joy and strangeness of my trade.

Through the years I’ve been collecting thoughts and stories from sessions, and am excited to share them here. Feel free to contact me and let me know how these stories relate to you. I want this to be a conversation.

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Kat 2016